Quest cuts cost of HIPS packs

The success of Trade Pack has enabled Property Search firms to deliver volume discounts, which Quest is passing on to its customers in order to help them increase profits or in turn pass the savings to their clients.

Included in the £140 fee is use of an online credit card system and deferred payment system, professional indemnity cover for up to £2m as a HIP Provider and bespoke branding of the completed HIP.

Tom Parker, managing director, Quest said: “We launched Trade Pack earlier this summer and it has been warmly embraced by estate agents, pack providers, solicitors and other property professionals including DEAs who are able to order a complete HIP via Quest for a low price, yet with a high quality finish. In fact, since launch, the numbers ordered has doubled month on month. As a result of this success, we have been able to realise volume discounts on the searches being ordered and are able to filter these costs savings onto everyone using the online Trade Pack system.”