PTI passes one million quotes

The service, which has been available for 18 months, is available to all 11,500 PTI agents across the country and last week provided over 70,000 quotes. The number of agents is now rising at about 50 a week and has increased by 1,400 since November 2002.

PTI has also launched a new on-line help desk to provide comprehensive technical support and information for its agents. The new service is designed to provide agents with technical support and solutions to any problems experienced while on-line. The features include:

• Answers to frequently asked questions

• User guides for online quotation systems

• Direct links to other useful sites

• General personal computer assistance

• On-line chat room for agents to discuss issues

Mike Allison, PTI Managing Director, said: “PTI is committed to investing in up-to-date technology in order to maximise the business potential of its agents. As the number of agents has continued to rise, the use of PTI’s quote engine has increased apace. Having passed this landmark figure of 1 million quotes, we are now providing some 12,000 quotes every day for protection products.”