PTFS launches business development programme

The mortgage adviser network’s member firms will be invited to attend specialist workshops focusing on business planning over the long-term, lessening regulatory risks and embracing sound business and people practices.

The programme will be split into three modules, while external industry experts will support key areas such as business planning, recruitment skills, managing people effectively and budgeting.

Karen Pearson, people and development director at Personal Touch, said: “Our Business Development Programme is a new initiative to help principals focus on running their business more efficiently, getting more out of their people and increasing profits for their own benefit.

“Prior to this, virtually all industry network development support focused on products or selling but this new initiative focuses on the advisers themselves which is why it is different. We are treating our principals as professional business people not just financial advisers.

“This development programme will give us the opportunity to support both multi adviser firms and sole traders to ensure they are reaching their full potential.

“Our aim is to provide members with the skills to grow their businesses with a clear direction and we believe these workshops are key to delivering that aim.”

Adrian Hill, principal of Octagon Financial Services, a Personal Touch member firm, said: “I was previously from an employed background and then took the step to manage my own business.

“This was a really eye-opening experience and what started out as a project quickly turned into a journey with ups and downs.

“I feel I am strong at advising clients, motivating people and managing my compliance, however this is completely different to growing and managing a business. These workshops will really help me to develop my skills in this area.

“Managing a team is completely different to managing a business and we very rarely take stock and look at our business. This development programme will definitely allow me to do so.”