PruProtect’s promotion gives £17,000 to charity

In total there will be four prizes given, with each of the four advisers and their clients receiving a 16gb Apple iPad in addition to the charitable donations. Winners can choose to donate to a charity of their choice, for example: Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation or Oxfam.

The winners will be picked at random from all PruProtect plans put in force before the end of June this year which contain at least one element from the recent product launch, which includes:

•ï€ Education cover

•ï€ Family income cover

•ï€ Accelerator

•ï€ Whole of life cover

•ï€ Business protection

•ï€ Relevant life cover

•ï€ Vitality plus

PruProtect head of account development, Phil Jeynes, said: “We wanted the prizes to be relevant and useful, just like our new product set and we recognise that many charities and schools are facing funding cuts so a donation seemed appropriate.

“Allowing both the adviser and their client to choose their own charity means that they will be able to give to a cause close to them.”