Prosser to replace Dec in Ant and Dec shocker

Prosser, pictured here with Ant McPartlin, is thought to have landed the gig after a top secret meeting with world famous celebrity agent Plaid Slay Roof.

Such a move would be a shocking blow to industry Godfather John Malone who recently joined the Front Events as chairman.

Prosser and Malone had already developed a comedy double act but sources say this latest move may be too much of a bitter pill for the Godfather to swallow and that a side parting would soon be likely.

Prosser, who shares an uncanny resemblance to Ant, is believed to be making his debut performance in Manchester on May 21.

Prosser and Malone declined to comment.

But Fads Orally Poi, a spokesman for Front Events, said: “As is well known James Prosser has many celebrity connections, both in the mortgage market and, of course, the world of celebrity.

“It would not surprise me if this was true but officially we have no comment to make.”

The news is the latest in a long line of scoops for Mortgage Introducer, also revealing today the shocking truth behind the Masthaven pet discount and Montello’s Cheeky Girl bid to touch brokers’ bums.