Property investors target Poland

Variable rates on repayment-only mortgages in Swiss Francs can be as little as 3.20%, reports Conti Financial Services – a 1% fall from May. The fall in US dollar mortgages is even more pronounced – 4.60% now compared with 5.90% in May. Rates in Euro mortgages are also lower, at 5.60%, down from 5.90%.

“Poland’s recent referendum vote for joining the EU give a massive boost to the economic prospects of the country,” said Senior Partner Simon Conn. “Once the country becomes a member state, prices will begin to rise as membership brings greater economic stability. House prices too will show an upward trend, so now is the time to invest in this emerging property market.”

Buyers can borrow a minimum of £20,000 at a maximum 70% loan to value over a period of up to 20 years on a Euro, US dollar and Swiss franc repayment-only mortgage.