Promise adds Manchester seminar date

The roadshows, which run from 9am to 1pm, are aimed at mortgage brokers who haven’t integrated secured loans into their businesses, while they are free for brokers and Promise introducers.

Steve Walker, managing director of Promise Solutions, said: “Many mortgage brokers regard secured loans as an unregulated product and continue to offer them as an afterthought.

“Current best practice is clearly to integrate secured loans into the remortgage process every time, carry out a comparison and recommend whichever is most appropriate.

“These roadshows aim to bring brokers up to date on regulatory thinking, help them understand the consequences of getting it wrong and show them how easy it is to get it right.”

The seminars will cover a number of topics including regulatory issues, why brokers should offer secured loans, how to find more enquiries and how to use secured loans to gain and retain mortgage clients.

There will also be sessions on quirky products, professional sourcing and compliance tools as well as an ‘underwriting clinic’ where brokers can discuss their own cases.

Promise will visit Wolverhampton on November 25, Brentwood on November 26, Manchester on November 27 and Cardiff on December 2, while the secured loan master broker is also offering bespoke sessions to brokers who can’t make the dates.

Walker added: “Done effectively secured loans can generate a significant income stream and help generate new mortgage opportunities.

“We know this can be a turning point for some brokers.

“We recently asked one of our introducers why his secured loan enquiries had suddenly increased by six fold.

“His response was ‘now I’m doing it properly’.”