PR 2014: Standalone protection meetings are key

Speaking at the 2014 Protection Review Conference in London, he added that Intrinsic has "spectacularly" gone from writing 800 protection cases a week to 2,000 due to using this approach, while as a result it has completed over 100,000 protection cases so far this year.

Walton said: "What we have put in place are protection-only appointments.

"This has really helped build trust with the client: 'protection is important - we are going to treat this separately'."

Protection is too often treated as an afterthought, he told delegates.

He said: "Most protection is written on the back of another product; on the back of a mortgage; on the back of a pension - the protection is always an afterthought or it's bolted on at the back end of a fairly lengthy sale."

According to Walton many advisers misjudge how they approach thier clients by treating them like they are being sold to.

He added: "The client doesn't want to be sold to. Clients already have the answers in their minds. All we have to do is facilitate it.

"What we do is two things. One is keep them in their home and separately ensure their lifestyle is maintained.

"Anyone can understand that. We're not talking about debt and mortgages: That's it."

When conducting fact finds advisers shouldn't open with specific questions such as whether the client smokes.

He said: "This is a strange question to open with. Our fact find doesn't deal with any of those things, not at first."