Post MMR Mansfield targets prime market

And the society has also launched a 3-year discounted mortgage with a pay rate reduced from 2.58% to 2.35% up to 80% LTV.

Completion fees can be paid in advance or added to the loan.

Sales and Marketing manager Mike Taylor said: “Intermediaries and their clients can continue to expect The Mansfield to provide products that are going to be competitively priced and sit well within their market segments.

“It seems that some lenders are having to make detailed alterations to their customer fact finds in response to MMR’s affordability requirements.

“Brokers who have been using The Mansfield over the past year will know that we have had our affordability model in place for over twelve months and it is now freely available to them on our website.

“They can be reassured that in the post MMR world, their cases will receive the same consistent and timely service as before, based on our treating of each client as an individual.”