PMPA announces member

Countrywide Mortgage Centres has a direct-to-consumer operation, a packaging business that services brokers across most of England, and deals with mortgage applications to non-panel lenders that originate from the Countrywide Group’s 1100 branches. Established in 1996, Countrywide Mortgage Centres now has more than thirty staff and currently processes around £400 million in mortgage applications a year.

Jon O’Brien, PMPA’s director of operations, said: “Countrywide Mortgage Centres is a highly successful and well run packaging business, with the backing of a powerful plc parent, and we are delighted that it has become the latest PMPA member. Chris Wilson (managing director of Countrywide Mortgage Centres) and his team were keen not only to enjoy the exclusive product benefits that the PMPA can offer, but they also wanted to belong to a community of like minded professional mortgage packagers. Both PMPA and Countrywide are confident of a long and mutually beneficial professional relationship as both organisations continue to grow successfully in the future.”