Pink Network smashes 2007 glass ceiling

This amount exceeds the previous best figures set in 2007 achieved with a similar number of advisers and fewer Pink staff in a lending market now half the size.

Mark Graves, director of Pink network, said: “We are fortunate at Pink to have such a strong group of people who are committed to making this industry their long term career.

“The bedrock of our network are those advisers with ambitions to build their firms either through their own sales ability or through building a team; our strategy is to support them in their ambition.”

Pink attributes last month’s record breaking success to the persistence of advisers who have stayed loyal to Pink and worked through the hard times along with the quality of advisers who have joined the network to replace those that have moved out of the industry.

Lender support was also cited as positive force in helping Pink become a market leading proposition.

Graves added: “These results are a direct benefit of Pink focusing on road shows and workshop support over the last couple of years.

“This record is not an accident it is an accumulation of advisers working hard, keeping focused and following a laid down sales process; as a network it is not good enough just to be a supplier of products and admin services.”