Pink launches new mortgages

The first is a flexible tracker offering an initial pay rate of 4.94%, with a discount of 0.55 per cent until 01/01/04. The arrangement fee: £299 and there si no redemption penalty. It does have certain flexible options as well.

The second product is a new self-certification deal designed for those remortgaging. The product offers a rate of 0.75 per cent over the Bank of England base rate until 31/01/04 giving an initial pay rate of 4.75 per cent.

David Copland, sales and marketing director commented: “This product is an attractive proposition for borrowers requiring true self-certification, looking to remortgage an existing residential property. The Mortgage Business, a leader in the self-cert sector of the mortgage market, does not require potential borrowers to provide accounts, nor does it seek income verification.”