Pink launches eConveyancer partnership

A mortgage transaction can only take place once a conveyancer has been instructed to act on the applicant’s behalf. Most applicants won’t know a solicitor and will therefore look to the intermediary for a recommendation.

Pink Home Loans is in the process of launching with eConveyancer, an online system which allows an intermediary to search and select a conveyancer on their client’s behalf. The search can be conducted using the criteria which is important to the client, such as location, cost or previous user ratings. Registration is a simple process via the Pink website.

Alan Dring, sales director at eConveyancer, commented: “We are delighted to have been chosen by Pink in the face of some stiff competition. eConveyancer enables introducers to offer their clients a very efficient, competitive conveyancing solution. The system is completely independent and is dedicated to finding the client the best deal. It is not sponsored by lenders, solicitors or any other interested parties so the intermediary can recommend an independent conveyancer with full confidence.”

Dev Malle, sales director at Pink Home Loans, commented: “The system offers intermediaries the ability to search from over 150 conveyancers at the click of a button. Not only does it save them precious time, but it also generates them a very competitive referral fee.

"In the recent Pink 1000 Index Survey, results showed that 44 per cent of intermediaries only occasionally promote the services of a conveyancer provider for their clients, and 13 per cent never do. We hope that by offering this system as part of our proposition, it will encourage more intermediaries to provide this service to their clients. Pink is committed to providing customers with the best solutions to meet their needs and we are confident that this system will prove to be invaluable.”