Personal Touch is MMR ready

Over the past 12 months Personal Touch has given its adviser firms over 330 hours of training to ensure all the new regulations are completely understood and more importantly, to teach advisers how to help customers through the changes.

All members have been given MMR support packs and email bulletins with comprehensive information on each of the 70+ lenders and their new post-MMR product ranges, application criteria and standards.

David Carrington, marketing director of Personal Touch, said: “Our 20 years experience in the mortgage market ensured we recognised at an early stage that MMR represented a fantastic opportunity for the intermediary market to fully support their customers, provided that they embraced the cultural as well as technical changes.

“For this reason we began preparing our members in September 2013 with the first of our 50+ workshops.

“We have also invested heavily in the development of a new fact find that has been designed to meet the needs of our customers and to ensure those customers fully understand their needs post MMR.

“We have worked with our wide selection of mainstream and specialist lending partners to ensure a smooth glide into the post MMR world and this commitment ensures that our members are as well prepared as anyone in the market to help their clients move home or reschedule their finances in the future”.

Further news and MMR updates will be shared via Personal Touch’s social media using the hashtag #mmr on twitter, linked-in and on facebook.