Pay brokers more than just lip service

Several times I have highlighted queries on lenders’ service in MI – most of the time regarding the larger lenders – and to this day do you know how many times a lender has bothered to contact me directly to resolve the issue? Once.

Norwich and Peterborough Building Society phoned me and resolved an issue I had highlighted in MI within two days of it going to print.

Most of the time though we are left with a glib response from a spokesperson, commenting on the fact that they ‘wouldn’t like to comment on a specific case, but we do believe this is a case in isolation from our normally excellent customer service. We will however look into the matter and try to resolve the issue as soon as possible’.

It would be interesting to note from all your other correspondents, just how many of them have had a personal call from the lender after their complaint or comment to try and resolve things, or heaven forbid, apologise to them.

You only have to read the comments in your magazine from the likes of Dean Bainbridge and Des Platt (MI, 11 August 2007), and Nigel Pamment (28 July 2007) to see just how frustrating it is at times with lenders.


Ian Crampton

Sales director

Ferndown Limited