Paradigm offers wills and divorce service

From today Paradigm members will be able to refer their clients to Ison Harrison where they will be provided with a full will-writing service. Advisers have access to a tele-referral system where the client can immediately be put in contact with a lawyer as well as a range of additional services. The partner conducts a short interview with the client over the phone and following this process the will is professionally drafted and the client billed. As a free service Ison Harrison will also review the will of any client to ensure they remain valid and reflect the client’s current wishes.

Paradigm members can also now refer clients to Ison Harrison’s newly-developed fixed-price electronic divorce service and receive a fee for doing so. In a first such service of its kind, intermediaries can offer their clients a swift and responsive divorce service delivered by experienced legal professionals. The service provides clients with a straightforward way of achieving an uncontested divorce as well as providing the client with legal advice which can help identify where there may be other issues which need to be resolved. Any post-divorce services provided to the client by Ison Harrison will also generate referral commission to the introducing intermediary.

Bob Hunt, chief executive of Paradigm Mortgage Services, commented: “Many intermediaries and advisers will have large numbers of clients who currently have no will in place; this leaves the potential for a range of problems should they die suddenly. Paradigm is working with partners such as Ison Harrison to make it as simple as possible for our intermediary firms to deliver peace of mind to these clients by arranging a will quickly and professionally. We have worked with Ison Harrison to ensure great pricing for clients as well as very competitive commission terms for those intermediaries referring clients for advice on formulating a will.

“We are also delighted to be the first and only distributor to be offering intermediaries access to Ison Harrison’s unique, electronic divorce service. Many members will be acutely aware of the potential financial pain and emotional distress that divorce can bring and it is this service’s aim that, where possible, the whole process is made as painless as possible. No-one would wish to see a client’s finances decimated by a divorce and, with this new service, advisers are now in a strong position to not only advise on the financial ramifications of the divorce but to also ensure their client has the best support from the legal professionals at Ison Harrison.”