Paradigm offers hot key life insurance leads

Triangle Direct’s leads come from an experienced UK call centre which, until the recent changes in the economic climate, specialised in mortgage and remortgage leads. The leads are for decreasing or level term life insurance and are a combination of like-for-like quotes and new to life insurance. They are provided on a non-advised, execution-only basis.

Each individual lead costs £45 (VAT exempt) and members must take a minimum test of 10 leads. All leads are hot keyed and e-mailed simultaneously to the adviser and any lead which is unquotable is replaced.

Triangle Direct is also able to supply training as necessary and it can help Paradigm’s members conduct statistical analysis of their management information to ensure they maximise this business channel in the long term.

Bob Hunt, chief executive of Paradigm Mortgage Services, commented: “Life insurance leads are becoming an increasingly valuable new business source for advisers wishing to diversify, particularly so as difficulties persist in the mortgage market. Paradigm has therefore linked with Triangle Direct to offer our members access to ‘hot key’ leads which with appropriate and ongoing support, monitoring and training consistently convert to sale in excess of 30%, providing a potentially significant extra income stream. Not only will Triangle Direct provide the leads, they have also agreed to work with individual members to ensure they get the most out of the relationship, analysing management information to help provide a long-term profitable arrangement.”