Panacea holds adviser social media event

The event will demonstrate how financial advisers and paraplanners can use social media to engage a wider audience and develop new client relationships.

Attendees will hear from a panel of social media experts comprising of Bridget Greenwood, director at Financial Social Media UK; Chris Daems, director at Principal Financial Solutions; Anne-Marie McConnon, marketing director at BNY Mellon; and Lee Werrell, compliance doctor.

Derek Bradley, chief executive officer of Panacea Adviser, said: “It’s an undeniable truth that increasing numbers of internet users are also engaged in social media and therefore it has become a particularly important medium for advisers and paraplanners.

“Those that are using social media successfully have created better client relationships, increased visits to their websites and generated considerable growth.”

The panel will discuss the current regulations and new FCA guidelines, while they will advise on developing engaging content using across social media and how to convert followers into clients.

Bradley added: “Not every professional knows the ways and means to go about this process and there are also concerns about how to run a campaign which is both effective and compliant.

“Our event will therefore unlock the key methods that can be used to increase the business benefits of using social media and we have been able to put together an expert panel which will outline exactly what advisers should and shouldn’t be doing in this area.

“The event is completely free to attend and, given the growing interest and use of social media, we are sure many advisers and paraplanners will be interested to hear how they can generate increased business from one of the key communication platforms of the 21st Century.”