Overseas mortgage guide for brokers

The guide, available from the Connect Overseas Pro website, www.connectoverseaspro.co.uk., provides a country by country analysis of the best available mortgages and offers a gateway to the wider resources available to brokers who want to expand their practice into the overseas mortgages.

Head of operations Geoff Simmonds said: “We launched the quarterly guide as a taster to give brokers a flavour of what is available in the field of overseas mortgages. For brokers who want more support through Connect Overseas Pro, which is our flagship service, brokers can deal directly with lenders and keep 100% of the commission or alternatively can use the specialist skills of our staff to help them and their clients through the process.”

He added: “The guide offers a useful jumping off stage to enable brokers to identify the costs and criteria of the best mortgages available. This is just part of an evolving variety of marketing material we have developed to help brokers to become more familiar with this growing sector of the lending market. Access to material to help brokers promote their own overseas mortgage service is available online.”