Original Leadbay founder launches Lead Co-op

The website (www.leadcoop.co.uk) specialises in mortgage leads and allows brokers to see not only which website their leads are coming from, but also exactly how they have been generated. This, in theory, should give brokers a better quality of lead as they can see the whole customer journey. It also allows brokers to choose how much and the amount they pay for leads based on the source.

Baker, who was a founder of Leadbay in 2004 but left in 2008 and before it hit the rocks, said: “The lead generation market is still very much alive and kicking and Lead Co-op represents its latest and most innovative evolution yet. It has been clear for some time that today’s lead generators have needed to evolve to ensure they continue to not only keep pace with the changing needs of the broker and affiliate markets, but also to stay afloat in this challenging economic market.

“Working in lead generation for the past six years has enabled me to gain an in-depth understanding of what both brokers and affiliates need from a lead aggregator right now. Additionally, working in this industry through economic highs and lows has provided me with a solid understanding of which lead generation business models are most sustainable in the long-term.

“Lead Co-op combines the top technical innovations from today’s lead generation market with a solid business model to create what I believe represents the most complete and sustainable solution for lead buyers and sellers yet.”

Lead Co-op offers buyers:

• Fully transparent lead source lets brokers see exactly where leads are coming from and how they are generated.

• Lead Ranking system allows brokers to stay in control of lead quality by ranking the lead sources that perform the best.

• Set and forget bidding provides brokers with time saving features to help them manage a low maintenance account.

• Fair Invalid Lead Policy which refunds for duplicate, test, hoax and invalid number leads. Also, if brokers are unhappy with a particular lead source or lead generation method they can switch off that source.

• True Express Consent ensures the customer is expecting a call from the brokers' named company and that leads are compliant.

• Free registration and full flexibility with no tie-ins, minimum deposit or spend.

• Fully integrated buyer and seller accounts enabling one account to support multiple users and uses.