Optoma recruits underwriters and appoints London Scottish and First National to processed panel

– thus bucking the current trend of packagers going bust.

Managing Director, Matthew Bright comments ‘We are very pleased with Optoma’s performance since M Day. Business volumes are consistently growing week on week and we are now on target to receive over £130m in applications in March. We have increased staff numbers to ensure that we can maintain the levels of service that we have become renowned for in the industry’.

Initiatives such as regional franchises, lender marketing and the online strategy have all worked to secure Optoma’s position in the market as a strong brand and service provider.

Andrew Seymour, Chairman, says’ The fact that this company is opening it’s doors whilst others are closing theirs, demonstrates the commitment we have shown in understanding brokers’ needs and reacting accordingly’.


Optoma Broker Solutions is pleased to announce 2 new additions to its processed panel of lenders.

Specialists in non standard constructions, London Scottish is now on board offering a proc fee payment of 1%. First National offer proc fee payments of 0.5% for light adverse and 1% for med-high adverse, they are strong on affordability and CCJ’s are based on number as opposed to value.

Chairman, Andrew Seymour comments ‘Our processed lender panel is representative of whole of market. We now have 16 lenders on this panel many of which are market leading exclusives. We are a service driven organisation and our primary aim is to simplify the whole process of obtaining a mortgage offer. We are fully committed to understanding brokers’ needs and providing solutions wherever we can’