Optimum Credit securitisation significant for second charge market

The recent announcement by Optimum Credit of a successful securitisation demonstrates the growing importance of the second charge market, Tim Wheeldon (pictured), chief operating officer at Fluent Money has said.

A successful securitisation sends a signal that the capital markets are now open for business to the second charge sector.

Tim Wheeldon said: “Securitisation activity amongst first charge lenders has been increasing for the past few years, but this is the first one from a second charge lender – this is a significant moment.

“Access to funding will become easier and other players will be encouraged to follow where Optimum has led.

“It only adds to the good news that continues to support the wider acceptance of secured loans as a viable alternative to remortgaging.

“The successful securitisation by Optimum Credit very much offers real proof that the secured loan sector is deserving of a place at the top lending table.”