One in five use property sites to snoop

A further 28% of property owners said they use the same sites to keep up to date with the value of their own houses at least once a year.

Jeremy Duncombe, director at Legal & General Mortgage Club, said: “Whilst the current housing market rebound makes it is easy for homeowners to become overly concerned with the value of their home, it is important that as a nation we don’t become too caught up with the short term.

“Consistent, inflation-linked rises are what we need to see to ensure a stable and sustainable housing market in the long term.”

“With interest rate rises just around the corner, it may well be prudent for homeowners to assess their overall finances, and not just their property value and ensure they have the best mortgage deal available to them before rates rise considerably.”

The findings also revealed that women are ‘more nosey’ than men, with 21% of females claiming to using property sites to snoop on friends and neighbours, compared to just 15% of men.

Homeowners in the South West, were the most likely to check on the value of others’ properties, (25%), with those in the North East least likely (4%).

Of the homeowners who use property sites to check the value of friends’ and neighbours’ properties, nearly two thirds (63%) do so at least every six months

The research was carried out as part of Legal & General’s quarterly Mortgage Mood survey, which looks at the attitude of homeowners across the UK on a range of mortgage related issues.