One in five Scots on variable incomes

Of this group one in 10 (9.8%) receive a wage that changes depending on the overtime they put in or bonuses, while 3.8% are self-employed.

Nearly two-thirds (62%) who receive a variable wage admitted that they struggle with their finances either some of the time or often.

Ian Williams, spokesman for Debt Advisory Centre Scotland, said: “There’s no denying that receiving a different wage every payday makes it very difficult to budget.

“And as more people are becoming self-employed and zero hours contracts continue to be popular, we may see a rise in the number of people struggling to meet all of their outgoings as a result.

“If debt repayments are among the expenses Scots are struggling to cover, it could lead to a problem debt if left unattended. Whatever the reason behind their money difficulties, it’s important people seek help sooner rather than later to get their finances back under control.”

Of those who take home a fluctuating paycheque, residents of Edinburgh are most likely to struggle to cover, as two-thirds (67%) added that they sometimes or often find it difficult to cover all of their financial commitments.