N&P launch eco-build boost

Open to all homeowners who have undertaken an eco self-build, N&P will award the top prize to the home with the greatest positive effect on the environment.

With the competition now in its sixth year and the eight-year governmental deadline for carbon neutral homes on the horizon, the emphasis is firmly swinging towards eco-housing.

As a green mortgage lender, and a carbon neutral business itself, N&P has long been championing the need for more people to make eco features a priority in the construction of their new home. Today, for every green mortgage taken out, N&P plants 40 trees which off-set the equivalent of an average property’s harmful greenhouse emissions for five years.

Latest figures released by the Government show the nation’s houses are currently responsible for producing 27% of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions each year – so it is vital house builders take responsibility for cutting carbon wherever they can.

There are many energy-efficient features that can be incorporated into a brand new home including:

  • Building on a “brownfield” site (thereby not building on virgin countryside)
  • Water recycling systems that re-use household water
  • Super-efficient insulation and/or double-glazing
  • Energy-saving central heating/water heating systems
Last year’s winner, Aaron Curtis, said: “When N&P asked why we had opted for an eco-friendly design, I replied: Why not?! This was a huge opportunity to undertake a unique project. We’ve created an environmentally-friendly, and fun, living space on a brownfield site using local labour and materials.”

Richard Lloyd, managing director of N&P’s surveying arm Hockleys, who will be co-judging this year’s competition, said: “The diversity and standard of entries last year was exceptional, proving that eco-building is developing beyond a purist lifestyle choice to a real alternative to the traditional brick and block self-build. I am looking forward to seeing how the standard of entries develops in this year’s competition.”