Northern Rock launches ad campaign

The Mortgage Made For You campaign will be a series of video clips which details how the bank’s staff can guide borrowers through getting a mortgage as well as featuring the lender’s incentives for remortgage customers.

The move comes months after the launch of the bank’s brand campaign, Works For Me, which featured Northern Rock customers pictured in their own homes.

Andy Tate, customer and commercial director at Northern Rock, said: “Buying a home can be stressful and daunting for anyone. Here at Northern Rock, we regularly receive feedback from customers about how friendly and warm our staff are to deal with and how straightforward they help make the mortgage journey.

“Building on Works For Me, which is all about letting our customers speak for us, we thought our dedicated colleagues in our branches and contact centre would provide the perfect next step. After all, they are the human face of Northern Rock, providing the first point of contact to all our customers.”