Northern England bears repossession brunt

The data is aggregated from the group’s Arrears Management System, which lenders use to instruct suppliers on the arrears process.

In the first quarter of 2014 36% of repossessions took place in the north, while Wales and the West Midlands together represented a further 15%.

The proportion of repossessions in London and Northern Ireland were 7% and 6% respectively, while just 4% of repossessions happened in the South West.

Dave Ford, director at The Charlbury Group, said: “Lender forbearance, low interest rates and significant commitment to treating customers fairly from everyone in arrears process means that overall repossession numbers are below expectations but, based on this data, Northern England is taking more than its fair share.

“This type of independent and aggregated management information acts as tool for lenders both as a part of their overall arrears strategy and also new lending decisions as they can adopt best practice on a region basis if relevant.”

The East Midlands and East Anglia saw 12% of UK repossessions, while Scotland and the South East accounted for 10% each.