NLA: Landlords must up their game

In her new appointment as chairman of the NLA, Uphill wants landlords to become more professional and “business like” which they can evidence by achieving the NLA accreditation.

She said: “We need to up our game to move away from the bad reputation we get given by the national press. There are improvements we can make in our industry and it is time to stand up and be counted.”

Uphill’s vision is an association of fully accredited members by 2020 which she intends to fulfil by travelling up and down the country meeting landlords to promote the training programme and through the association’s newsletter and website.

She said: “The NLA represents 39,000 landlords which gives us an impressive voice and a firm standing with the government.

“All parties with a stake in the private rented sector need to work together to bring more cohesion to the industry, but landlords must strive for higher standards if they want to achieve greater recognition from the government.”

Uphill joined the board of the NLA in July 2011, having worked as a local representative in Manchester, and was appointed vice chairman in December 2012 before becoming chairman earlier this month.