NGM targets mortgage market

The campaign is launched today and NGM, the largest and most respected specialist packaging organisation in Wales, is confident it will appeal to mortgage advisers from the broker and IFA sectors.

“We are well known in the specialist market – but are not one of the names you would automatically associate with re-mortgaging,” commented NGM managing director Terry Markham. “That’s all set to change. We have an infrastructure that is tailor-made for the needs of intermediaries who rely on a professional, speedy and efficient service. That’s why we have decided to make a major push into the re-mortgage field. – it is an arena where these qualities are of paramount importance. ”

NGM will initially be offering an additional £250 per completed case to intermediaries, although additional benefits may be introduced at a later date if the scheme proves to be successful.

Intermediaries will be able to claim this fee either as a cash payment (on top of the agreed procuration fee). Alternatively, NGM is prepared to remunerate them by way of vouchers for Marks & Spencers retail stores, or vouchers that will enable them to purchase electrical goods at a range of high street stores.

To qualify for the payment, an intermediary simply has to submit one re-mortgage case that completes with NGM’s panel of specialist lenders. There is no ceiling on the number of cases that can be submitted between now and the end of August 2003.

“This initiative is all about whetting the appetite of the intermediary community so that they can see the many benefits of doing business with us in the longer term. Yes it is a short-term ploy to attract volume business in a field that we are keen to make major inroads to, but I’m confident that once a broker has dealt with us once they will want to come back for more,” added Terry Markham.

“We have decided to introduce a degree of flexibility to the scheme so that intermediaries can choose how they would like to be remunerated. I’m sure many will prefer to take cash. But for those that don’t, we have other options available.”