New software goes down a storm

The MortgageStream software allows Home of Choice brokers to import client and lender data from multiple Ignition users into a single case management database, helping practice principals and administrators to process cases and control their own business.

John Ahmed, marketing director at Home of Choice said: “We are delighted that so many of our top producers have signed up to use the Ignition Pro system provided by MortgageStream. These businesses have been able to increase their efficiency substantially by reducing their workload. New sales opportunities follow up calls and repeat business dates are all clearly flagged up.

“We are confident that our brokers are providing unparalleled service to their clients at the same time as generating industry leading levels of fee and commission income, as well as ongoing renewals.”

Paul Holden, sales director at MortgageStream added: “Winning the Home of Choice contract was an important milestone for us and we are very pleased that so many of the Home of Choice firms are now benefiting from a true end-to-end software solution. We are constantly developing new features to reduce workload and increase productivity and we look forward to rolling these features out to the brokers in the coming months.”