New self-cert tracker from Pink

The product offers a rate of 0.90 per cent over the Bank of England base rate giving an initial pay rate of 4.90 per cent. And, as a flexible product, there are no redemption penalties and interest is charged daily.

Commenting on the mortgage, David Copland, sales and marketing director at Pink Home Loans, said: “The product allows the borrower to take control of their finances by making use of the many flexible options available. By making regular overpayments the client can take a payment holiday, make underpayments or drawdown any overpayments made. Alternatively, this feature can be used to save money in interest payments and reduce the term of the mortgage.”

Self-employed applicants must have a minimum trading time of 12 months and the employed must be in a current job for at least 3 months and be in permanent continuous employment for at least 12 months. However no income checks are made.