New qualification for mortgage advisers

DipMAP offers an advanced level of learning to that of CeMAP®, the established benchmark qualification for mortgage advisers. Developed in consultation with leading mortgage advice practitioners, it enables all holders of CeMAP® (or equivalent) to build the advanced market and product knowledge and advice giving skills that are essential in today’s more complex and constrained market., according to ifs.

With standards for professionalism across the regulated advice sector undergoing significant change, gaining an advanced qualification like DipMAP can help advisers evidence high levels of competence, and enhance their ability to consistently deliver the best solutions for clients.

Anne Kiem, vice principal at the ifs School of Finance, said: “We are proud to be at the forefront in providing advisers with a qualification that allows them to differentiate themselves in a challenging and increasingly competitive commercial environment.

“While the financial crisis has brought many challenges to the mortgage market there still remains opportunity for growth and diversification, particularly in the area of highly specialised mortgage advice. Increased regulation in the advice sector is here to stay, and there can also be little doubt that product complexity will continue to increase across mortgage types in years to come. In such an environment advanced qualifications like DipMAP can really come to the fore in helping advisers stand out from the crowd.”

DipMAP is studied via distance-learning where students work through the learning materials in their own time with the benefit of dedicated online support. The completed course of study runs over a 9 month period and is divided into two units. The first unit, Financial Services, Regulation and Ethics (FSRE) is shared with the ifs’ approved Level 4 benchmark qualification for financial advisers (DipFA), and is examined by an objective test. This means students who have already taken FSRE through DipFA do not need to re-take this unit. The second unit, Advanced Mortgage Advice (AMA), is examined by a three hour exam.

The registration fee for DipMAP is £520 and includes all learning materials and assessment costs. The registration fee for just AMA is £375. For further details, please visit or contact one of our student advisers on [email protected] or +44 (0) 1227 818609.