New core range from the Portman

There is a

4.14% - 3 Year Fixed until 01.02.2006, up to 95% LTV (no extended tie-ins)

4.79% - 5 Year Capped until 01.02.2008, up to 95% LTV (no extended tie-ins)

In addition to the above new products, the 1.75% - 2 Year Fixed until 01.02.2005 still forms part of the highly competitive product portfolio.

In addition to these top rates, the range also features a number of 'fees free' deals and an Easy Remortgage Service* is available on several of the products (see table attached).

Group Communications Manager Helen Shaw says, "Our latest mortgage range continues to feature a variety of highly competitive products intended to meet differing needs. The introduction of a new five year capped rate gives borrowers the flexibility to benefit from further interest rate cuts should SVR fall below the capped rate. In addition, rates which combine the benefit of ‘frees fee’ or ‘Easy Remortgage’ give the borrower extra choice and with Christmas fast approaching, now is a good time for borrowers to reconsider their current mortgage."