Network Data Ltd releases AR workshop details

Training will be provided at the workshops based on recent research conducted by Network Data on products and markets requested by their appointed representatives.

These Workshops have been designed to help ARs when recommending certain products, as well as provide a useful recap and some great hints and tips.

The morning session will consist of presentations from top Insurers covering household, term assurance, critical illness and payment protection. Each presentation will include:

* Product explanations

* Reasons to recommend

* When to recommend

* How to recommend

* Hints and tips

Afternoon sessions will consist of interactive presentations from providers offering products in the following specialist areas:

* Secured Loans

* Flexible Mortgages

* Lifetime Mortgages

* Commercial Mortgages

* Adverse Mortgages

Alex Cotton, Head of Sales & Marketing said: “These workshops have been tailored to meet training needs expressed by our ARs during research undertaken recently. We are committed to helping our brokers grow their business and these workshops are an ideal opportunity to work together in achieving this."