NetRep helps with eCommerce

NetRep is a live web-chat technology that enables financial companies to deliver the ‘High Street experience’ to their website visitors. It allows financial institutions to ‘sit behind’ the website and proactively ‘serve’ e-customers via browser-based web chat while they are online.

This value-added service is particularly important when extra help is required to enable the customer to reach a purchase decision. For example, choosing a mortgage is not as clear cut as choosing other consumer products, when a decision is usually made instantly.

NetRep also allows potential customers to be profiled as they navigate sales and application content. This enables high calibre customer service to be matched to high value customers and helps turn more ‘browsers’ into ‘buyers’. With NetRep, financial institutions can proactively offer assistance through the greyer aspects of any complex sales process, and prevent the poor conversion ratios that are currently typical in the financial industry.

"Lead generation and customer service are vital components for all businesses, whether they're operating in a traditional bricks-and-mortar environment or on the web," said Mike Smithson, Collabor8's sales director. "By personalising customers' web experiences and proactively initiating contact with them when they are most receptive, NetRep delivers the experience of the High Street financial company online, dramatically increasing customer conversion and satisfaction rates.”

Successful early adopters of NetRep include the Woolwich which uses it to help assist online applicants through the mortgage application process.