Nationwide relaunches FTB guide

The guide does not recommend any particular mortgage product or lender but aims to help first-time buyers through the complexities associated with buying their first home.

It was originally launched in June 2010 and has seen over 131,000 views over the past 12 months.

The building society updated the guide after engaging with consumer groups like Which? and gathering feedback from first-time buyers.

Housing charity, Shelter said: “Nationwide’s first-time buyers’ guide is a useful guide to support individuals about to take their first step on the property ladder.”

Chris Rhodes, product and marketing director at Nationwide, said: “We know first-time buyers are having a hard time. The deposit alone makes it difficult for many to move on from renting.

“We want to do all we can to help and to show them we’re on their side. During the past year we helped thousands of first-time buyers to buy their first home.

“We’ve provided access to 95% LTV mortgages, found ways to encourage saving for a deposit through Save to Buy, offered a £500 discount off product fees and become partners of the new government scheme FirstBuy.

“But the challenges aren’t just about finding the right, affordable property or even raising the deposit. Many of our first-time buyers tell us how complicated and daunting the whole process can be, particularly the jargon, and we know that they tend to live their lives online and on-the-go.

“Our completely independent guide aims to demystify it all, right from choosing the first property to getting the right deal, in a format which meet their expectations and lifestyle. And as we help a first-time buyer get a mortgage every six minutes, it’s a subject we know a lot about.”

Paul Howard, head of corporate accounts at Nationwide, said: “This independent guide is very thorough and covers all aspects of buying a first home.

“It has been produced to help all first-time buyers, whether they are going direct or via an intermediary. We hope all mortgage brokers will find this a useful addition to their advice process.”