MortgageStream™ adds interface to mortgage sourcing, call recording and document scanning

1. MortgageStream™ now interfaces with the UK’s leading Mortgage Sourcing system. Client data entered into MortgageStream™ can be exported to the sourcing system at the click of a button. The mortgage quotation can be created as normal; the chosen product is imported back into MortgageStream™, automatically populating all relevant fields in the database. Other sourced quotations are also copied.

2. MortgageStream™ makes it simple for Brokers to record every telephone conversation into the client database via their PC’s sound card. Recorded voice conversations can be accessed instantly and played through Windows Media Player by any user, or archived to CD/DVD.

3. By Connecting a PC Scanner, users can easily scan all relevant mortgage documents into their client’s folder e.g. Proof of client ID & Residence, payslips, signed mortgage terms of business plus mortgage offers etc.

MortgageStream™ makes it simple for brokers and the processing staff to access their client mortgage records to view the progress of any or all of their cases, & track proc fees, broker fees, and insurance & life commissions.