Mortgageforce strikes deal with Martin Wilson

Kevin Duffy, Mortgageforce chief executive, said that he’d been looking at a number of network propositions and chose to partner with The Right Mortgage and Protection due to its “refreshing, customer-centric approach to financial services”.

The self-proclaimed “best of both” network offers comprehensive support for financial advisers whilst allowing them to retain their independence, striking the balance between directly authorised and a network proposition.

Martin Wilson, joint managing director of The Right Mortgage and Protection, said he was “delighted to welcome Mortgageforce advisers to the network” and was “looking forward to helping them build their respective brands”.

Kevin Duffy said: “We remain very much committed to a DA model. But like many of the industry’s well-established players, we want to be able to explore all of the options and where appropriate have the ability to trial other business models as no one approach fits all.