Mortgage Trust extends 'MT Select' range to Chase De Vere

The range consists of a streamlined version of Mortgage Trust’s core buy-to-let range. Available exclusively through MT Select members, Mortgage Trust say these products are not only competitive on rate, but the calculation used to assess the rental income required is based on 125% of the product rate which will help landlords achieve optimal gearing.

• 2-Year fixed Buy-to-Let rate of 4.79%

• 2-Year fixed Buy-to-Let rate of 5.39%

• 3-Year discount Buy-to-Let rate of 5.57%

• Arrangement fee of £499 on all fixed and discounted products

• Lifetime tracker 3 month LIBOR + 0.73%

• Arrangement fee of 0.5% on lifetime tracker product

• Rental income calculation 125% of product rate.

• 85% LTV

Simon Tyler, Managing Director at Chase De Vere Mortgage Management commented : “We have had a reputation for over 20 years of having direct access to the best rates in any sector, working closely again with Mortgage Trust will enhance the service we offer our clients in the buy-to-let market .”

Austin Jelfs, Head of Sales at Mortgage Trust added: “We are extremely pleased to welcome Chase De Vere to the MT Select panel. We believe that 2005 will prove a positive year for the buy-to-let market, with existing landlords remortgaging their portfolios and a steady stream of new entrants into the market. We are sure that the MT Select products, with 125% loan calculation and outstanding rates, will help our key packager partners provide competitive buy-to-let solutions to their clients.”