Mortgage Pro – launch of next generation software to link broker, packager and lender

‘Mortgage Pro works on a number of levels,’ says George Dodds, MD of Mortgage Pro Ltd ‘ It is designed to be used as a sourcing tool, working on full product matrices to select lenders who most closely fit client requirements. The system is updated by our lenders. Its unique audit facility allows the broker to see exactly where particular products do not fit. It can be used by one man bands and is of particular value to salesforces because of the unique way in which it allows information to flow electronically between a head office and salespeople working remotely.

He added ’ Mortgage Pro has a whole suite of compliance tools which means that compliance departments can review ongoing mortgage cases in real time and the client receives proper documentation at point of sale. The packaging module allows mortgage applications to be emailed in their entirety straight into the packaging system. References, valuation and conveyancing can be ordered automatically even before the application comes in. This cuts down processing time for packager and broker.’

‘Mortgage Pro provides tools for all parties in the mortgage process. Electronic lender links during 2003 will complete the toolset.’