Mortgage network expands

The BoS deal will allow members of HLP to access its range of prime mortgage products with immediate effect. A procuration fee of 0.27 per cent of the overall loan size, with a minimum of £275, will be payable.

A procuration fee of 0.3 per cent, with a minimum fee of £225, is payable to introducers who place Amber’s Buy-to-Let and 100 per cent mortgages. And, a procuration fee of 0.8 per cent of the agreed loan, with a maximum of £2,800, is available on the lender’s self-certification and adverse products.

"We have been talking to Bank of Scotland and Amber Home Loans for quite a while and I am delighted that we have been able to conclude a deal that will be of immense value to all parties," said Steve Hoare, managing director of HLP. "Bank of Scotland and Amber have got an excellent range of products. This will ensure that clients will benefit by being offered access to the widest range of mortgages.

"This has got to be a good thing as lenders, networks and intermediaries are quite rightly being asked to find the right financial solutions for an ever wider range of circumstances. Networks like HLP can only offer this service by having access to the widest range of products."