Mortgage Intelligence launches Leeds exclusive

The product, which is fixed until 31 December 2019, is available for remortgages with a £599 arrangement fee, free valuation and assisted legal services.

Only Mortgage Intelligence Holdings appointed representatives can offer the deal.

Sally Laker, managing director of Mortgage Intelligence Holdings, said: “With the continual threat of a rate increase this is a great product at a time when rates are incredibly low with the added certainty of five years at 3.79%.

“Couple this competitive rate with a low booking fee and free remortgage fees it makes this product, in my opinion, one that cannot be ignored.”

Martin Richardson, general manager – business development at Leeds Building Society, added: “Borrowers seeking longer-term security of payment over the next five years have the opportunity to lock into a competitive deal while rates are low.

“Autumn is traditionally a busy time for remortgaging and homeowners may want to review whether switching will bring down their monthly repayments or help to reduce their mortgage term.”