Mortgage Choice increases proc fees

This coupled with their remote processing facility, providing offers issued in house and control of the application up to completion is intended to bring benefit to their customers, the Intermediaries.

Sales Director, Doug Hall says “This is further evidence of Mortgage Choice rewarding our customers, the Intermediaries, by passing on the majority of the additional gross fee to them. Details of all procuration fees can be found at Whilst a number of “super packagers” offer reduced valuation fees, we at Mortgage Choice continue to recognise the importance of rewarding our customers, the Intermediaries.”

Hall goes on to say “Principle 9 (Suitability) requires a firm to ensure the suitability of its advice. Though the rules envisage firms recommending the least expensive products available (MCOB 4.7.13E), this does not prevent recommendation on other grounds. The FSA has allowed other factors, such as speed, quality of service and a lenders attitude to further lending to be taken into consideration. Where several similarly suitable products are available, firms may recommend any one of them. This fundamental principle gives the Intermediary real choice when deciding which packager can best meet the needs of their customers.”