Mortgage Brain trio conquer Kilimanjaro

On 15th October 2008, the trio, along with five other intrepid mountaineers, reached the summit of the 19,340 foot mountain to help Worcester-based homeless charity, St Pauls Hostel.

After months of rigorous training and building up their fitness, the trio, despite being hit with altitude sickness, found top form and reached the ‘roof of Africa’ after a gruelling six-day climb.

“It was without doubt one of the most physically challenging things any of us have ever done”, comments Mark Lofthouse. “But reaching the top and knowing we were helping such a good cause was just amazing and made it all worthwhile. We’d like to thank everyone for their support and kind sponsorship donations.”

St Pauls Hostel, established in 1977, operates three projects within Worcester aimed at targeting homelessness and its causes. Its mission is not to intervene in individual’s private lives, but to provide the support and care they need to gain the level of independence for which they can take responsibility for.

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