Mortgage Brain app is used one million times

The app, which promotes brokers and mortgage products to consumers, is currently the most widely used mortgage search application on mobile devices.

UKMortgages was even singled out and promoted by software giant Microsoft for its availability on Windows devices.

Mark Lofthouse, chief executive of Mortgage Brain, said: “The on-going success of UKMortgages is simply stunning.

“The app is the UK’s most comprehensive mortgage search, compare and review mobile application available, which provides outstanding visibility and exposure for brokers listed on the app’s Find A Broker function.

“More importantly, however, is the fact that more and more leads are being put through to brokers at no cost whatsoever, and as a result, new and on-going sales opportunities are being generated.”

UKMortgages has delivered thousands of free leads to brokers, with every participating broker firm receiving more than three per year.