Mortgage 2000 to launch 'Casemaster' technology

- Unique virtual processing system allows intermediaries to process mortgage applications

- Opportunity for Intermediaries to earn additional processing fees

- Exclusive money-back guarantee

This unique web-based system allows intermediaries to process mortgage applications from submission through to offer stage, including instructing references, and controlling the timing of valuations. The state of the art technology guides intermediaries through the underwriting process from credit search to offer using built in step by step guides which are tailored exactly to each individual lenders requirements.

The system is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, allowing intermediaries to work on cases when it suits them, and enabling them to prioritise cases in any order they wish. Users of the system are no longer reliant on the opening hours or service standards of packagers and lenders.

This unique web based service is currently supported by 19 lenders, including Mortgage Express, Bristol & West, Kensington, GMAC, Platform and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Intermediaries who use the system, not only receive the usual procuration fee, but also an additional processing fee for the administration work they carry out. Processing fees vary by Lender and product type, but average around £300 per case.

Managing Director, Sean Hornsby said “The majority of intermediaries already carry out a large part of the processing on mortgages. They obtain payslips, P60’s, bank statements etc from clients and then generally submit these to the packager or lender. All we are doing with Casemaster is ensuring everything is obtained in a structured format, and then paying the intermediary for doing it.”

The system has been piloted since June 2004 by members of Mortgage 2000’s m2i support services and has now been revamped for launch into the general market. Casemaster is available on a subscription basis at a cost of £89.50 per month inclusive of vat. Subscribers will receive full training to ensure that they are able to use the system effectively, in order to gain the full benefits on offer. All aspects of the system are fully compliant and the entire system is completely secure with subscribers having unique usernames and passwords.

Sean Hornsby, added: “We believe that Casemaster is a huge breakthrough in the market. This effective web-based communication system assists with all elements of underwriting and processing. Through intelligent data management, the system ensures that the case is processed quickly and efficiently from start to finish. This approach helps the intermediary to piece together the mortgage case and keeps them in control. They are in effect processing the case themselves, deciding on the timing of key stages as the application is passed from initial Decision in Principle right through to Offer. Just imagine being able to individually prioritise what work is done on what cases, being able to get valuations done on urgent cases, or leaving a case because the clients have gone away. Not only is there that level of control, but much of this work is probably done by the intermediary already, only now they can get paid for it.”

“We are so confident that the intermediary will earn additional fees from using Casemaster, we are offering an exclusive 3 month money-back guarantee on the subscriptions paid.”

Benefits of the system to intermediaries include:

- Keeping control of the client’s application

- State of the art technology

- Easy to use with ‘On Screen’ help

- System available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

- More efficiency and profitability

- Assistance with placing difficult cases

- Technical Support provided

- Intelligent underwriting system

Support from product providers:

Mike Lloyd, Head of CMS sales at Bristol & West said: “Combined with Bristol & West’s Approval in Principle system the Casemaster system gives a route to market for intermediaries combining speed, efficiency and surety of decision”.

Alison Beech, Sales & Marketing Director at Rooftop Mortgages said: "As a specialist lender Rooftop Mortgages supports the intermediary market and we are delighted to be part of the Casemaster initiative, which provides an additional access point to our product range for those intermediaries who use this facility."

Anyone requiring further information on this initiative can visit where full details are featured along with a Subscription Pack request facility.