May survey results runs monthly user polls on its website. These polls give a valuable insight into the consumer’s mind.

May poll highlights:

31% of consumers hold their mortgage with their main bank.

23% of consumers have an endowment mortgage.

43% of consumers would not choose a savings account with an introductory bonus.

32% of consumers do not have a branch of their bank local to them.

Emma Butler, Editor comments: "With all the recent scandal covering endowments, almost a quarter of consumers having this type of repayment vehicle on their mortgage could be a worrying statistic. Almost a third of consumers having taken out their mortgage with their main bank could also be a concern. It may be that their current bank offered a good deal but this could also highlight that consumers do not shop around for their mortgage. One percentage point on a mortgage rate can make a huge difference to repayments. For instance, on a £100,000 repayment mortgage over 25 years, the difference in monthly repayments on a rate of 5% and 6% is almost £60 per month – almost £18,000 over the term of the mortgage."


(Sample – users of

Do you hold your mortgage with your main bank? (3746)

YES: 31%

NO: 69%

Do you have an endowment mortgage? (2967)

YES: 23%

NO: 77%

Do you use a credit card when abroad? (2007)

YES: 69%

NO: 31%

Do you have a gold or platinum card? (1644)

YES: 63%

NO: 37%

Did you apply for your loan over the internet? (243)

YES: 53%

NO: 47%

Do you have more than one personal loan? (212)

YES: 19%

NO: 81%

Do you have to give notice to access your savings without penalty? (2242)

YES: 33%

NO: 67%

Would you choose a savings account with an introductory bonus interest rate? (1985)

YES: 57%

NO: 43%

Does your bank have a branch local to you? (577)

YES: 68%

NO: 32%

Do you shop around for the best deals for foreign currency and travellers cheques ? (434)

YES: 55%

NO: 45%