Money Partners reassures brokers

Writing directly to all broker principals and registered users of MoneyPort, Money Partners’ chief executive officer, Colin Sanders, underlined the firm’s focus on providing intermediaries with as full and comprehensive a range of specialist products as possible.

Sanders also pledged that Money Partners will engage in open and regular communication with its broker partners to keep them fully informed of unfolding market developments.

In addition, the lender has announced plans to enhance its first-charge mortgage range.

Sanders commented: “The fact that we’ve enjoyed more than a decade of unprecedented growth makes the impact of the recent turbulence all the more dramatic. Many lenders and brokers will not have seen anything like it before.

“As the uncertainty continues and spills over into the blue-chip mainstream sector, we consider it an obligation to communicate directly, and in plain language, with our business partners to let them know what’s happening and how they’re likely to be affected. Their feedback suggests we’re right to do so.”