Mobile transactions on the rise

In comparison just 37% use mobiles for research alone.

Mobile advertising spending has increased rapidly over the last year, as the latest Internet Advertising Bureau figures states that mobile advertising has grown by 68% – from £429.2m to £707.1m.

Unique Digital called for firms to design apps to streamline payments and completions, as the top two reasons for downloading apps to complete purchases are ease of use (44%) and speed of use (33%).

Phil Stelter, managing director of Unique Digital, said: “The days of consumers just researching items on mobile devices are gone: purchases are being completed on the same device with increasing regularity now.

“Brands need to take advantage of this trend by focusing on the data collection that unifies their understanding of a new mobile consumer and campaign planning that delivers messaging and experiences which don’t try to dictate how consumers should interact with their brands.”