MMR will boost protection sales

Life insurance and critical illness do not feature in the MMR but the overriding principles on lenders as to whether the ‘customer can afford the loan’ and the requirement ‘to verify the customer's income’ will mean that the consequences of ill health or accidents should be given equal prominence to the loss of an income through redundancy.

Neil McCarthy, sales and marketing director of LifeQuote, said: “Post-MMR I foresee a day when lenders, if not the FCA, make it mandatory to have a conversation about appropriate protection cover being in place.

“While this will require more work, the financial rewards will make this worthwhile as the average protection product purchased through us pays circa £900 - £1,000 in commission.

“This is normally for clients buying multi-product solutions linked to their mortgage or personal protection requirements, with modest sums assured providing benefits of typically £150,000 - £300,000.”

One in four men and one in five women will suffer from a critical illness before they reach age 65.

In comparison, since 2007, one in seven people were made redundant.